About Wynant's Family Health Foods

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We strive to educate consumers about the importance of being healthy.

As you explore our website you will find many ideas on how to stay healthy.

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Wynant's Family Health Foods is here to provide you with the finest quality fresh, natural, organic and whole foods, nutritional products, body care products and health information in a fun, comfortable, clean, and safe environment. Make us your doorway to total health--twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all year long!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Wynant's Family Health Foods. We are an energetic and creative bunch, dedicated to high standards of excellence quality.  Our company has dedicated itself to providing superior health products and customer service since 1981.

History of Wynant's Family Health Foods:

Lillie Wynant was born Janurary 4, 1926. Her parents were Portuguese immigrants with a family history of natural healers and herbalist. In 1947 she became a nurse and dedicated her life to helping others. Like so many others in the medical field, Lillie felt that the oath, "first do no harm", had been lost somewhere amidst the pharmaceutical drugs and all their side effects. She left the medical profession and moved to Springfield, Oregon, with her husband Larry Wynant, in 1976. 

Lillie became employed by the many health foods stores in Springfield at that time.  The marriage of her medical training and her knowledge of natural healing made her realize that in the health food industry she could truly help people again. 

Lillie opened Wynant's Family Health Foods on May 1, 1981, at our first location on Mohawk Blvd.  She had created a following, having worked in all seven of the health food stores that were in Springfield at that time. In two years time, Wynant's was the only health food store in operation in Springfield.

In 1994, Lillie and Larry sold the company to their daughter and granddaughter, Joan Haydn and Tamara Daily. Joan and Tamara relocated the company to Pioneer Parkway in 2000.

Joan and Tamara did a major expansion and relocated Wynant's to 722 South A Street July 1, 2008, bringing us 32 years of excellence of customer service and quality products.